Despite being the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever, the Patriots displayed the versatility of the Erhardt-Perkins system by keeping the Rams’ offense off the field with a gap-based run game and moving the ball by spreading it out in the air.

In my first eBook, I diagrammed each formation used by New England. Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski were the key cogs of the offensive gameplan, often on the same side of the field to create mismatches.

Pay special attention to the compressed formations in the eBook. Edelman made some big catches out of those sets thanks to natural picks and rubs by standing within arm’s length of Gronkowski. Edelman was deployed at the X, H, and Z positions, depending on the formation.

To clinch the game, the Patriots called up Tom Brady’s Greatest Hit, Hoss Y Juke:

Bill O’Brien, a Billicheck disciple and EP system believer, covered the play in one of his clinics:

Alright, enough yappin’. Here’s the eBook with full formation diagrams.

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